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Meat Items

Fried Chicken *Onsite only



Fried Chicken *Onsite only image

Pork or Turkey Bacon

Feeds up to 15 People


Pork or Turkey Bacon image

Pork or Turkey Sausages

Feeds up to 15 People


Pork or Turkey Sausages image

Stations (Omelet)

Feeds up to 15 people

Eggs/Eggs White


Eggs/Eggs White image

Meat Options

Bacon/ Shrimp/ Ham/ Chicken


Meat Options image

Stations ( Waffle/ Pancakes)

Feeds up to 30 People

Sliced Strawberies


Sliced Bananas



French Toast

Feeds up to 25 people


French Toast image

Side Items

Mac and Cheese Small

Feeds up to 25 People


Mac and Cheese Large

Feeds up to 40 People


Other Services

Clean Up

Per Hour


Clean Up image
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